What is air up? How does it flavour pure water without adding anything?

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You know. I know. Everybody knows. Pure water is boring.

What do they say? 8 cups a day? 

To be honest, I do not remember the last time I drank enough water. I do not recall it at all. I only recall I drank a lot of boba tea, soda, and everything sweet until I found ‘air up’.

What is ‘air up’? 

air up is a company which has invented a drinking system which tricks your brain that pure water you are drinking has TASTE. You read it right. They made it so the pure water tasted good. I know you still have a lot of questions about what air up is and how air up works. I’m about to tell you right now. 

courtesy of air up
courtesy of air up

How does ‘air up’ work? 

How does it trick your brain to think the water has taste?

Here is their secret! air up comes with 2 parts in order to change your water into something tasty, the bottle and the pod. They work together to release the scent of flavours while you are drinking. THAT scent from the pod you choose to put on the bottle contains an aroma scent which will trick your brain to believe that you are actually drinking that flavour. It comes with various scents (or flavours, if you want to say that) such as coffee, apple, cherry, cola and a lot more!

How much does ‘air up’ cost?

Not only will air up change the way of drinking pure water forever but it’s also affordable. It starts at £29.95 for a bottle and 2 pods. The pods only start at £6.95.

courtesy of air up
courtesy of air up

Why should you choose ‘air up’?

Because your body needs a decent amount of water each day and you want to help your body to function better. Enough water means your physical performance will be better, your brain will function better, and reduce headaches. Also, it helps with weight loss. So this is why you should choose air up.

  • It helps you drink more pure water which your body needs.
  • It makes water not so boring anymore. Actually, it’s fun!
  • It is not additive at all. They do not use any additives to make the magic happen. 
  • It has a lot of flavours for you to choose from.
  • It fits with all lifestyles.
  • It is affordable. One pod can be used for at least 5L of flavoured water.


If you are a person who doesn’t drink enough water or addicted to sugar in those bubble teas like me, air up would be the best way to come back to a healthy life without trying. Because you will still get the flavours from your drink. Except it doesn’t contain any sugar, flavour and all that bad stuff.


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