Motherland: Fort Salem Asia Fan Con survey

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As you all know that Motherland: Fort Salem is an incredible and riveting tv show and since it has come out, it completely won the heart of us. It’s not only because it’s well-written script but also because all the actors and actresses are well-acted too.

Motherland: Fort Salem is now available for streaming via official platforms (Disney+) in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. We, as part of the growing Asian fanbase just cannot get enough of the incredible show and amazing cast that we have grown to love.

A group of us, Asian fans, are exploring the idea of a fan-organized /non-profit/ Motherland: Fort Salem Asia Fan Con, in 2022. So that while most of us cannot attend in-person Cons that are held in Europe or USA, we can attempt to bring the cast to Asia!!

We want to hear your opinion if you would like to have a Motherland: Fort Salem Asia Fan Con which would most likely be held in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is just a survey as part of feasibility study, there’s nothing specific about the event yet. But we’ll try our best and keep you updated.

Thank you.

Motherland: Fort Salem Characters
Freeform/Frank Ockenfels

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