WICKED LIGHTS Is back with lead single “HAVE A NICE DREAM” OUT NOW!

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“Wicked Lights” continues Two Charuson’s voyage into soulful and quietly intense songwriting rooted in British and American models. Here the mood is even darker and more melancholy than in “Brave Face,”

Back with lead single “Have a Nice Dream” of the upcoming EP, same title. It’s presenting Wicked Lights at their more urgent and essential. Such lyrics recall the more mystical Zeppelin as well. Meanwhile, strikes a different mood, more spare and a little menacing, abjuring us to “Get back to insanity.”

The song is about Dreams during the pandemic got put on hold for some. Be it the possibility of going somewhere far from home or the possibility of performing in front of others. For some is the gift of life that gets taken away in sharing things with another person or to be touched or touching a loved one.

Two wrote this song to remind himself that the biggest uphill battle is against oneself. That struggles, hardships and suffering are constructive path to reaching our dreams. “We often get lost in the dreams of others and the perception of how others want us to be. Even when we are with someone we love, their dreams sometimes may not be ours and vice versa. But dreams are worth pursuing even in the harshest conditions. It fuels our will and existentialism. It can give us purpose. We often put walls in between our dreams and that mental block with time and hindsight and learning from failures. With that it’s hard to fathom how many dreams and possibilities are lost with somebody who never pursues them. The song feels that it has a melancholic feel to it but as the writer. I feel it carries immense sense of hope and that telling oneself in order to keep dreaming and maybe you’ll realize once you’re on a path. Even if the journey is merely the beginning or drawing to a close. By telling yourself, real or delusional, when we prevail with our own doubts. There might be new.”

Have A Nice Dream again recorded in a few weeks with Two’s best friend and producer Montonn Jira (Music Director of Wonderfruit) at Unisonic Sounds Studio, and mastering by John Davis (The Killers, Gorillaz, The xx, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Blur) – Mastering Engineer of The Metropolis Studio in London.

While music video was filmed in Argentina directed by filmmaker and director, Michael Taylor Jackson.

Wicked Lights

Two – Vocal, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Piew – Drums
Saint – Bass
Pun – Guitar, Trumpet
Pii – Keyboard

Have A Nice Dream track list:

1. The Underlying 
2. Have A Nice Dream 
3. A Promised Land
4. Valparaiso

Wicked Lights - Have a Nice Dream (Official Video)

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