NOAHFINNCE Releases Powerful New Anthem “SCUMBAG” against transphobes and TERFs. 

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Pop-punk star NOAHFINNCE has released his brand new single, “SCUMBAG” via Hopeless Records. The singer-songwriter wrote the track as a protest song against transphobes and TERFs. 

‘SCUMBAG’ is a diss track for transphobes and TERF’s who hide their hatred of trans people behind the guise of ‘protecting women and children’. I thought things would only get better when I came out as trans in 2017 but the rise in anti trans rhetoric and anti trans legislation in the past few years has truly astonished me – people are parroting the same shit they said about gay people 50 years ago.

I’m tired of politicians and well respected celebrities coming out and manufacturing this idea that trans people are dangerous and infringing on other peoples rights when the reality is that we just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. The data is and has always been on our side but the increased effort to scapegoat us has had detrimental effects on our community,
” Noah passionately and eloquently articulates the song’s meaning.

Last year saw NOAHFINNCE release his second EP, My Brain After Therapy, which features tracks WormsTell Me That You’re Okay and LALALA. Noah had a strong start to this year with the release of No Point Pretending, a brilliant collaboration with Bears In Trees. Noah is now gearing up to the release of his highly anticipated debut album.

NOAHFINNCE is the alias of Noah Adams, a voice for a generation who are fed up of being told how to be. A virtuoso performer (he plays drums, guitar, bass, ukulele and sings), NOAHFINNCE is ready to flip off tradition and any roles that society expects him to fulfil, and instead continues to champion authenticity and self-expression. He brings a refreshing new energy to the world of alternative rock and pop punk with his punchy anthems as well as establishing himself as a prominent figure within the online LGBT community. Having won the 2022 Blogosphere Award for “Vlogger of the year”, Noah brings his own alternative and no-nonsense takes on LGBTQ+ issues.

Stream “SCUMBAG” by NOAHFINNCE here:


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