LØLØ Shares Cozy New Track “*snow in berlin*”

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Pop-punk powerhouse LØLØ shares her tender new track “*snow in berlin*”. Filled with melancholy sweetness, “*snow in berlin*” is an ode to the naive hope that lingers in every unrequited love story, as LØLØ chronicles the dissolution of a sacred relationship gone bad.

Sensitive and stark, “*snow in berlin*” showcases LØLØ at her most lyrically vulnerable. Frosty acoustic guitars and a hauntingly simple bass line makeup the entirety of the track’s instrumentals. The noticeable absence of percussion helps add to the loneliness and longing that LØLØ feels as she draws comparisons between the stark fragility of winter and the ending of her once blossoming relationship. Even amongst her sadness, LØLØ clings to an earnest piece of hope as she sings, “I kissed someone new / that’s just how it goes / but when you hear this / I hope that you know / ooh / I was rooting for you / ooh / I’m still rooting for you.”

LØLØ says this of the new track: “The first time I ever visited Berlin on my first ever Europe tour, it was snowing the type of snow you only see in Christmas movies, and it was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen! After living in LA all year, I hadn’t seen snow for a while, so it was a very beautiful moment. I wanted to write a song to remember that moment, of feeling something so special for the first time in a while.”

“‘*snow in berlin*‘ is about a couple of people who experience that same kind of special feeling from meeting each other. But as fast as that snow can come down, it can also melt just as quickly— the song goes through their different relationship stages, from falling in love, to breaking apart almost as fast.”

LØLØ - *snow in berlin*

The new release follows her previous exhilarating single “faceplant”.  Packed with powerful guitar hooks, dynamic vocals, and witty, charismatic lyricism, “faceplant” is a perfect storm of all of her most exciting qualities. The rambunctious track effortlessly captures the visceral feeling of falling head over heels into new love. 

In July, LØLØ shared the scorched earth ex-bashing anthem “hot girls in hell” along with an accompanying music video, as part of the lead up to a full length album in June of 2024. “hot girls in hell” was her third single release in 2023, joining the emotionally-exhibitionist head banger “omg” and the gritty breakup duet “5,6,7,8 (feat. girlfriends)” with lead singer Travis Mills (MTV, Apple Music). 

LØLØ has become an undeniable presence in the pop-punk genre. The singer-songwriter has created a striking presence both online and on stage with her effortlessly cool attitude and sharp lyricism. In late 2021, she released her electric EP ‘overkill’, which came directly on the heels of her 36-stop US tour with pop-punk titans New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. She has been compared to Paramore and Avril Lavigne by Billboard, and People Magazine called her an “Emerging Artist making their mark in music.” To date, she’s amassed over 35 million streams on Spotify, with her numbers continuing to climb exponentially.

Listen to “*snow in berlin*” from LØLØ here: ffm.to/snowinberlin


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