Lunadira Shares New Single “crying over nothing (wah wah)”

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Malaysian singer-songwriter Lunadira shifts gears from dark and moody to upbeat and dancey on her new DnB single “crying over nothing (wah wah)”. Taken from her much-anticipated upcoming album, ‘i’ll be alright, right?’, the I-SKY-produced track is the ultimate soundtrack for getting over heartbreak – a theme she has woven into the singles that have come before this track. Fans can stream “crying over nothing (wah wah)”

On the meaning behind the song, Lunadira explains, “Some relationships can be neither here nor there in terms of what the future brings for them. Although in the grand scheme of things, most relationships are learning lessons before you find the one – it doesn’t mean that it won’t leave you crying on your bathroom floor, wondering what went wrong. ‘crying over nothing (wah wah)’ is the lamenting of love lost, and the act of moving on by trying to devalue the pain you had to go through in order for it to feel easier to move on.

Renowned for her saccharine vocals and lyrical brilliance, Lunadira tells stories that unfold like delicate flower petals, blending vulnerability, joy, and introspection. These themes are explored in her debut album ‘i’ll be alright, right?’ due out on Feb 23rd.

Stream “crying over nothing (wah wah)” from Lunadira here:

crying over nothing (wah wah)

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