NERIAH Breakthrough Artist Drops Deluxe Edition Of Debut Album ‘Cause of Death’

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Following the successful release of her debut album last month, ‘Cause of Death’, independent American singer-songwriter, NERIAH, has just shared the deluxe version of her project today. Completing it with a total of 24 songs, fans now have the opportunity to dive deeper into her music, with an additional six tracks for them to fall in love with, including the current focus single “Inside Out”.

Since its release, the debut album has accumulated over 7 million streams, further proving her rising star status. Named #1 in People Magazine’s 2022“Emerging Artists to Watch”, the soul-bearing writer and singer described her album as, “the reason I was able to find myself and learn how to fall in love again”. 

In addition to previously released tracks, including “Promise Ring” and “Go Find Less”, NERIAH also had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow musician Trevor Daniel for her song “Paris”, where their vocals complemented each other in this emotional piece. The album encapsulates her relationship journey and is a reflection of her personal experiences, which listeners may find relatable.

With the first 18 songs on the album taking listeners through a whirlwind of emotions – from falling in love to falling apart, the deluxe version of ‘Cause of Death’ brings the story full circle to finding redemption and freedom in a new relationship. The deluxe focus track, “Inside Out” shares the story of finding and falling in a love that’s unconditional; one that makes all of the previous heartbreak worth it. The complete 24-tracks of ‘Cause of Death’ are available on all streaming platforms and the limited edition vinyl is available for pre-order.

Following the release of her third EP, NERIAH shows no signs of slowing down and will be steadily releasing new music throughout the year. NERIAH currently boasts over 1.5M monthly Spotify listeners, 218K Instagram followers, and over 200K TikTok fans. She headlined a sold-out show at The Troubadour, performed at two iHeart festivals, as well as recently concluded a North America tour supporting Alexander Stewart. Her presence in Southeast Asia has seen a tremendous surge in audience engagement recently, with impressive rankings in key countries including #2 in the Philippines , #7 in Indonesia , and #8 in Malaysia .

Her accolades this year alone co-signs from SZA, Halsey, Lauren Spencer Smith, Trevor Daniel, and more.

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‘Cause of Death’ (Deluxe Edition) – NERIAH -Tracklist:

1. Good Guys Don’t Change
2. Love Letter
3. Simon Says
4. Love U Less
5. Promise Ring
6. Rather You Than Me
7. Won’t Know If I’m Right
8. Hard To Replace
9. Cause of Death
11. Even If It Hurts
12. RBF
13. Love U For Fun
14. EW
15. S(EX)
16. Overrated 
17. Payback
18. Go Find Less
19. As Easy To Forget
20. Paris (ft. Trevor Daniel)
21. M.A.S.H.
22. The Scary Part
23. Serious
24. Inside Out

NERIAH - Good Guys Don't Change (Official Lyric Video)

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